Come to relax and spend time in Yli-Ii, in a quiet, beautiful and historical place, where the River Iijoki plays its ancient melodies while flowing gently by. Have a rest in the bosom of nature, wander on Stone Age gold lands, enjoy the atmosphere and good food. Arrange a meeting or an unforgettable family celebration; spend time with people important for you. Take a sauna bath to whisk away haste and anger; have a quiet sit-down in the evening, while sausages are getting ready, and let peace come over you. After a good rest, wake up to the humming sound of tall pine trees.


Our atmospheric and plainly beautiful apartment hotel comprises 16 double rooms with kitchens and cooking facilities. It is also possible to have 1–2 extra beds in the rooms. You can come and stay here at any time of the day.

Please, book accommodation by calling +358-44-737 9464 or by sending an email message to asiakaspalvelu@kierikinhovi.fi.

  • Accommodation 24/7
  • Toilet/shower
  • Kitchen
  • Wifi
  • Possibility of extra beds
  • Barrier-free environment
  • Pets welcomed (+10€)
  • Possibility to take a sauna bath


Arrange a meeting or successful celebration. The meeting room Meripihka for 30 persons, the Iijoki cabinet for 15 persons and an auditorium for 80 persons are available. An atmospheric restaurant hall for 60 persons is also available, either with or without catering services. 

Ask our customer service for additional information: +358-44-737 9464

  • Meripihka hall for 30 persons
  • Iijoki cabinet for 15 persons
  • Auditorium for 80 persons
  • Restaurant hall for 60 persons
  • Sauna cabinet for 10 persons


Public sauna shifts are available in the sauna facilities, but you can also reserve a sauna for private use. The alternatives are a sauna for 15 persons and a smaller one for 8 persons. A sauna cabinet for 10 persons is also available on reservation. There are karaoke equipment in the sauna and meeting facilities. 

Ask more: +358-44-737 9464

  • Sauna for 15 persons
  • Sauna for 8 persons
  • Sauna cabinet
  • Child-friendly beach
  • Washrooms for the two saunas


Our restaurant and hotel staff makes cosy pastries and traditional food in our summer café and banquet restaurant. The café is open at the same time as the Kierikkikeskus Museum, and whenever you wish, if you order in advance.  

Ask more: +358-44-737 9464

Story of KierikinHovi

As Aino Kurtti, the present hostess of Hotel KierikinHovi, saw the hotel for sale and its surroundings for the first time, she could only wonder why such a place had been left abandoned. Silence and peace were prevailing everywhere; the dignified-looking but abandoned log hotel built in 2005 was standing in the bosom of beautiful nature. Aino, who enjoys peace and beauty of nature as well as interior design, fell in love with the place. Together with her family, she decided to start enthusiastic and determined working to bring the hotel back to life. Anne Åqvist, a restaurant and hotel worker, contributes in an important way to the work. Both Aino and the whole team of KierikinHovi consider the well-being of customers to be of great importance. They hope you could come to relax, feel comfortable and spend time in quiet surroundings near nature.

Activities at KierikinHovi and in its vicinity

  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Grilling (terrace and hut)
  • Trampoline
  • Table tennis
  • Darts (in/outdoors)
  • Karaoke (Meripihka hall and sauna cabinet)
  • Swings
  • Beach
  • Ice-fishing
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Stone Age Village/Museum
  • Snowmobiling
  • Nature trails
  • Cross-country skiing

Closer than you think

Please, contact us!

Aino Kurtti

+358-44-737 9464

KierikinHovi • Pahkalantie 447, Yli-Ii • asiakaspalvelu@kierikinhovi.fi • 044 737 9464
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